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Crystal Earrings | Sterling Silver | $30


Exclusive to So Salty Dubbo

1.5cm in length

Sterling silver stud backing


Postage with tracking available


Crystal Earrings

Clear Quartz is colourless, transparent stone, all about gentleness, simplicity, clear thinking, and change.

It has countless benefits to the mind, body, and spirit of its bearer. Clear Quartz is genuinely one of its kind.

  • Feelings and Emotional Healing

This crystal cleanses its bearer’s feelings and senses, providing enlightenment.

  • Mind

Clear Quartz can help you to gain a clarity and boost the creative mind.

  • Body

Clear Quartz’s clarity, is an excellent agent to helping detoxify the body. Enhancing the metabolism and helping to get rid of unwanted toxins and waste,

  • Spirit

Clear Quartz paves the way for the spirit whenever it is out of sync.