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Aragonite Crystal | Healing

  • Weight:  45 grams
  • Height:   40mm
  • Width:    50mm
  • Depth:    20mm

Please note:

The price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. Due to the nature of crystals, they may vary slightly in shape, size, colour, and pattern.

Blue Aragonite Heart

Blue Aragonite provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress. Aragonite is attuned to the Earth Goddess, encouraging conservation and recycling. It is a reliable earth-healer and grounding stone.

Enhancing your ability to communicate, particularly spiritually, and aiding you to more easily empathise, making it a major asset to spiritual teachers and healers.

Astrology sign:  Capricorn

Chakra:  Third Eye, Throat, and Heart

Element:  Air and Water

Meaning: Love & Harmony