Our Story

Amy from So Salty Dubbo

Heeeya, I’m Amy, founder of So Salty and the face behind all the saltiness..

For those who don’t know me, I am the proudest Mum of 6year old- Jacko.. He is the perfect mixture of a little bit of mischievous and a lot of fun. He is also the reason why I do most things, including opening So Salty.

My interest in salt therapy came from Jacko constantly having croup as a baby.. As a tiny one, Jacko was born with a permanent hearing loss and he would spend some time in and out of hospital going onto struggle with constant respiratory issues and ear infections, associated with his hearing loss. At 3 months old came the diagnosis of asthma from our pediatrician and the suggestion of salt therapy.

We noticed almost immediately how much better Jacko was after just one salt session.. His breathing had improved immensely. His cough sounded less chesty and he was able to sleep more peacefully even though he was sick.. Jacko’s little face no longer felt like it was on fire, our boy was no longer as miserable as he once was- salt therapy was AMAZING!!

What a long way to drive though, 8 hours return trip but it was worth it and we continued to attended treatments intermittently as Jacko needed between 2015 and 2020.

December 2020 ended an epic era, and I finished working alongside Garth. From here I forged ahead and So Salty was born.. I was so excited to bring a new modality to the Central West and I didn’t stop here.

Over the years I have come to know and work with some extremely talented therapists, from this the idea of my next business was born, which I co-own with my fantastic business partner Christie.

Align Health and Healing is our side hustle. A collaborative space of health gurus who have come together to help the wider Central West community with a holistic approach offering multiple therapies.

I do hope to see you soon.