The effect of salt chamber treatment on bronchial hyperresponsiveness in asthmatics

Date: 2006Format: Full articleSource: European Journal of Allergy & Clinical ImmunologyAuthors: J. Hedman, T. Hugg, J. Sandell, T. Haahtela Wiley Online Library Background Randomized controlled trials are needed to evaluate the effects of complementary treatments in asthma. This study assessed the effect of salt chamber treatment as an add-on therapy to low to moderate inhaled […]

Theoretical basis and clinical benefits of dry salt inhalation therapy

Date: 2015Format: Abstract OnlySource: Hungarian JournalAuthors: Endre L. National Library of Medicine Abstract Dry salt inhalation (halotherapy) reproduces the microclimate of salt caves, with beneficial effect on health. Sodium chloride crystals are disrupted into very small particles (with a diameter less than 3 µm), and this powder is artificially exhaled into the air of a […]

Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

Date: 1995Format: Abstract onlySource: N/AAuthors: Alina V. Chervinskaya & Nora A. Zilber PubMed Abstract This work elucidates the questions upon the development of a new drug-free method of a respiratory diseases treatment. Halotherapy (HT)–is mode of treatment in a controlled air medium which simulates a natural salt cave microclimate. The main curative factor is dry […]

The Effects of Salt Therapy on Patients with Bronchial Asthma and other Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Date: 2014Format: Full articleSource: Journal of Medicine & LifeAuthors: H, Lazarescu, I Simionca, M Hoteteu, A Munteanu, I Rizea, A Iliuta, D Dumitrascu and E Dumitrescu National Library of Medicine Surveys on therapeutic effects of “halotherapy chamber with artificial salt-mine environment” on patients with certain chronic allergenic respiratory pathologies and infectious-inflammatory pathologies Abstract Halotherapy (HT), derived […]

Halotherapy – A possible method to enhance airway treatment on patients with obstructive pathology

Date: 2012Format: Abstract OnlySource: European Respiratory JournalAuthors: Radu Crisan – Dabija, Traian Mihaescu ERS Publications Introduction The clinical benefits of halotherapy is advocated, but the mechanisms are scarcely studied and there is not enough available clinical data. Halotherapy may influence mucolysis, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, also the immunomodulator – hyposensibilizing agents. We conducted a perspective […]

The use of an artificial microclimate chamber in the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases

Date: 1997Format: Abstract OnlySource: N/AAuthors: Chernenkov RA, Chernenkova EA, Zhukov GV. PubMed Abstract Halotherapy was used for sanatorium rehabilitation in 29 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (chronic bronchitis and asthma). Significant positive effects of this method resulted in the improvement of the flow-volume parameters curve of lung function and in hypotensive effects on blood […]

The efficacy of speleotherapy in salt mines in children with bronchial asthma based on the data from immediate and late observations

Date: 1993Format: Abstract OnlySource: Russian JournalAuthors: Abdullaev AA, Gadzhiev KM, Eiubova AA. National Library of Medicine Abstract Speleotherapy was conducted in 216 children with bronchial asthma treated in conditions of salt mines situated near the town of Nakhichevan. The assessment of clinical, immunological and functional parameters showed that the best results had been achieved in […]